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Open and Closed Mode Thinking and the Sabbath

Years ago, in a class designed to help business leaders think creatively, I was introduced to a concept called open and closed mode thinking. This concept has helped me ever since! Here’s the gist of it: * Imagine a funnel. … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Sabbath

This past Sunday, I got an unexpected blessing. My oldest was home from church, sick with a stomach bug. I hated to miss fellowship and worship, and struggled with how to incorporate this component into my time at home with … Continue reading

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Here’s What’s Cookin’

On Sundays, putting lunch on the table can be downright stressful. The church service is over, stomachs are rumbling, and nap time is closing in. This is a time when Sabbath keeping requires the “I” word…intentionality. It is helpful to … Continue reading

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the Sabbath Keeping experiment

Sabbath Keeping is not the topic I thought I’d be blogging about in 2011. In fact, I haven’t kept a Sabbath, according to just about anyone’s definition (the Bible included), since…well…never. So what is the Sabbath Keeping experiment, and how … Continue reading

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