Jesus: What a powerful name it is


Say that name. Speak it out loud. The name of Jesus is full of power.

What kind of power? Miraculous power!

The power to multiply the smallest amount of something into far more – so much more that there are leftovers where there was not enough. There is no scarcity in Jesus.

The power to still waves, to speak to a storm and make it obey. The power to walk on water.

The power to bring vision to those who have none – to turn what was a void of black night into bright and beautiful colors and light. There is no darkness in Jesus.

The power to restore dignity and reverse the tide of shame. Jesus is Healer.

To power speak truth that changes the hardest hearts, and the power to know when truth is being spoken and true faith is on display. Jesus is Truth.

To power to persevere in the face of incredible suffering because of his great love for us.

The power to meet death, and then defeat it. The power to escape a sealed tomb and leave only grave clothes behind. Jesus overcomes.

The power to speak things into being. The power to speak things out of a life.

The power of life. Jesus is life.

This is the powerful name of Jesus – and nothing, no NOTHING, is too hard for Him.

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