Pipes (Festival of Homiletics)

IMG-6352Sitting on a historic pew

Steeped in tradition like tea

Before me, the exalted organ

Her pipes lay shiny, bare, and free


Cylinders of every size

All different widths, round in shape

I want to hear their lilting sound

But completely silent they lay


And we, gathered here, are

like those pipes

Varied in experience

tradition and place


And if we, too, are silent

Who will hear

the sweet music of restoration

God is writing now, today?


The wind of the Spirit

Is moving anew

Let her sound through my pipes

My silence in preaching hard things is through.

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1 Response to Pipes (Festival of Homiletics)

  1. Cathy Grubbs says:

    Thank you for a truly uplifting message!!

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