On Blessing My Kids

View More: http://erikadare.pass.us/foldenauerfamily2015Several months ago, I started a new practice at our house. I started blessing my kids.

I do it every day, as they leave for school. I lay my hand on each ones head, or their shoulder, or the back of their neck, and I speak out a prayer over them in the form of a blessing. Here are some of this week’s blessings:

* May the God who holds all things together and who ordered creation also order your day. May you remember all that you need to, and have the mental endurance for each thing that comes your way.

* May the joy of the Lord flow through you in every interaction. May His joy be your strength.

* May the peace of God transcend your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

* May the right hand of God sustain you as you move through this day.

* May your day be as sweet as the breath saver you are eating, and may you show the love of Christ to all those you meet today.

* May you wear the belt of truth all day today, and the breastplate of righteousness. May your feet be fitted with readiness.

You get the idea. A lot of my blessings come straight out of Scripture. A morning devotion sometimes inspires the words I speak.

Initially, blessing my kids felt a little odd. The first day I tried it with the middle schooler, he looked at me when I was done and said, “Uh, mom…are we going to be doing this every day now?” But we’ve grown into it with time, and my kids now ask for their blessings. As the bus rounds the corner, my daughter peers around from the backseat and says, “Mom! Bless me!”

It’s never too early, or too late, to start blessing your kids. Whether you’ve got an infant or a kid who is taller than you – go for it. We cannot underestimate the power of words in the lives of our children. Let’s speak the words that help them become who they are made to be.


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1 Response to On Blessing My Kids

  1. Keith Kreuer says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

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