Provision…and Socks

One year ago, it was back to school around here for almost all of us. Two of my kids going to elementary, one to preschool, and me…to my second year of seminary.

If you’ve had even one kid in school, you know that in the days and weeks leading up to school, it seems the expenses never end! There are mounds of school supplies to be purchased, piles of text books for me, and activity and enrollment fees coming out of every direction…and then, there was this.

Back-to-school wardrobe assessment. My daughter checked out beautifully. Everything fit, and we had darling outfits for her. This is because an old friend often passes me clothes that fit my girl perfectly, both in style and size. It’s such a blessing! My girl was totally ready for Kindergarten.

My son, on the other hand, seemed to have grown 2 inches overnight. In every pair of jeans, he could have waded through flood waters. You get the picture. We needed new jeans.

And new shirts.

And socks. (Somehow, every time I fold laundry, I pull out a pair of holey socks. Does this happen to anyone else out there?)

Well, I figured, time to head out and do some shopping. An all new wardrobe for a kid can easily cost hundreds of dollars, you know. As I prepared mentally to outlay more cash, I got a phonecall from my mother-in-law.

“I have another bin of clothes for you from Mandy!” Mandy is the friend who passes me clothes for my sweet girl. I made arrangements to get this new bin, but secretly wondered where I’d put the clothes…my attic was swelling at the seams.

Imagine my surprise when, a day later, I popped open said bin.

I sat a tied up Target bag to the side, and sat, stunned, as I looked at a burgeoning bin of jeans and shirts…for my BOY. Size? 8 Slim. Seriously. 8 SLIM, people. Are you hearing me on this? I hadn’t voiced the need for new clothes for my son to anyone but my husband. Immediately, I was overcome with gratitude for God’s provision.

These jeans looked like they’d been never worn. Then there were shirts.

I feel the need to clarify again that we could have purchased the items for Ashton. It wasn’t a matter of not being able to do it; the cost just represented one more place we’d spend money in a month where there were many, many calls on our finances.

As I worked through the bin, I shook my head in disbelief. Everything was there that we’d need – and I would have picked these items out myself at the store. They weren’t just going to fit, they were also our style. God is in the details, you know.

Sometimes I talk to myself, and this day was no exception.

Right there, out loud, I said…“The only thing I’m going to need to buy for him is socks.”

I was still in total disbelief at this provision when I turned to leave the room, and saw the Target bag that I’d cast aside from the top of the bin. You already know what was inside that bag, don’t you?

Because God knows our needs before we even speak them, and He makes provision in ways that can raise the hair on our arms and put chills down our spine, that bag was filled with 12 pair of like new SOCKS.

So, I cried. Right then and there, I cried. Because, seriously…we could have gotten all of it. But God blessed us with jeans, pants, shirts, and yes, even socks. I didn’t have to spend time in my first month back at seminary trying to track down these items. I didn’t have to spend money buying them. He brought them…right to my door.

God is teaching me all the time about His provision for us. This time, His teaching tool was socks. And every time I fold them, I’m reminded of how He cares for His own.

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5 Responses to Provision…and Socks

  1. Kathleen (Kay) Mills says:

    This was such a blessing to me, Christy. Keep up the good work..Kay Mills

  2. Candice says:

    Good words! I love that God is so big yet still involved in the small.

  3. God is so good!
    It’s just like Him to do above and beyond what we can ask or think… and all because He’s so in love with us 🙂 What a great example of His sovereign provision. Thanks for sharing.

    DL McCarragher
    Hebrews 10:23
    author of MISSION POSSIBLE

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