Maybe You Need New I’s

I have a favorite quote from a Mary Engelbreit calendar I used years ago. I’ve always adored her whimsical artistry. One page said, “What we need is not a new landscape, but new eyes.” I’ve kept that page for years, and pull it out sometimes to revisit the thought.

I revisit it because I couldn’t agree more. The problem is, for many of us, there is uncertainty about how to find those new eyes. What helps us to see things differently? Faith? Change? Renewal? Certainly all of those play into our sense of fresh vision, but how do we tap into a new perspective, or a better lens in life?

All of us eventually face a time where we need fresh eyes. I’m there now, so I’ve been pondering what it looks like to see things in a new way. Today, I had a radical thought: maybe I need to reinvent in some areas.

That’s when I realized the I’s that could really help me move forward: Inspiration and Ideas.

Sometimes we need new I’s.

So, I’m wondering – what inspires you? Are you surrounding yourself with inspiration often enough? Do you spend time in places, with people, and doing things that bring inspiration?

Here is something that inspires me: The Black Book of Colors. My thoughtful husband picked this out as a Christmas gift for me this past year. This remarkable little book is entirely black, with raised lines that make images to help a sighted person experience colors without their eyes. The descriptive words on each page bring color to life. It helps me think differently, and for me, that is the starting point for inspiration.

Another place we need to dwell is in the fresh I of ideas. Ideas are a lifeblood for me, the more of them the better. A new idea can carry me for days. Ideas come (at least for me) from quiet time, where my mind can stop churning on the daily and engage in an empty page of possibilities.

So, I’m reinventing, and it’s a work in progress. God repeatedly makes things new. I’m following His leadership, listening to His Spirit on this. Time for inspiration and ideas. It’s time to embrace new I’s.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” -Isaiah 43:18-19

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1 Response to Maybe You Need New I’s

  1. Rosalyn De Haan says:

    Thanks lady! This was something nice to read and hear.

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