Secrets and Calling

I get the privilege of ministering to people whom I meet for just a weekend, but many of you stay in my heart for the long haul. Over the course of any given ministry event, there is always one brave soul who catches my sleeve and pulls me in to whisper a secret.

It’s always the same secret.

I think I might be called to…do what you’re doing. To speak. To write. To teach. But I don’t know how to start.

I want to tell you two things, dear friends. No – three.

1.) You are incredibly brave. Finding the voice to speak what God has put on your heart takes courage. You have sufficient courage to speak what you are feeling in your soul. Once, someone I admire called that “completely audacious.” I agree with her, and I’m always privileged to meet another sojourner who could be audacious, just like me; audacious enough to believe that they are called.

2.) Listen to your heart. You ARE called. If you follow Christ, you are called to tell His story. Some of us tell it by speaking, others by serving. Some tell it by writing words on a page, others by rounding up two and three year olds on any given Sunday at 9am and lovingly caring for them each week. The part you play matters less than playing a part. When you get that straight in your heart, all the rest becomes secondary..but there is something that warms the heart about finding the thing that God has truly purposed you to do. I affirm your call; you are important to God’s story.

3.) Start right where you are. Listen, I know this sounds simple – maybe too simple. But it’s true! When you plug in to your community and use your gifts there, you have opportunities to learn, grow in your call, and get better at your part of the story. Often, when we are faithful right where we are, opportunities open up for us to do more.

So, here is some encouragement for you, friends. Thank you for using your gifts – whatever shape and size they might be – for Kingdom purposes. That is the highest calling of all. May God bless you in the work of your hands.

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1 Response to Secrets and Calling

  1. Keith Kreuer says:


    You are a gift from God and we give thanks and praise we were gifted by meeting you in Richmond. I did find some humor after reading your blog that it ended with some encouraging words, “May God bless you in the work of your hands.” and then a link to a YouTube commercial for Jaguar… Think Megan will buy into my car shopping this weekend, when I tell her you sent me the message from God? 😉

    We love you and miss our Friday nights with you and your fabulous husband and the rest of “Row 3”!

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