Tozer: Coming to our Senses

A. W. Tozer is my favorite author. The Pursuit of God, a stunning and thought provoking book, was written by Tozer during an overnight train ride in the 1940’s. It’s my go-to book when I am in need of inspiration and a spiritual kick in the pants. Tozer captured incredibly deep spiritual insights while most of the people around him were surely sleeping.

In the fourth chapter, Tozer writes about how many people relate to God without ever having truly experienced Him. This is because they think of God as an “inference, not a reality.” Some, Tozer says, relate to God as “an ideal…or He is law or life or the creative impulse back of the phenomena of existence.” However they relate to God, Tozer wants people to know that they can actually experience God like they do a friend.

So Tozer calls us to come to our senses. Literally.

Referencing passages in scripture where the knowledge of God is expressed as tasted, seen, smelled, and heard, Tozer builds a case that we should do the same. We should know God as certainly as we know our physical world.

Big Idea: We were meant to experience God spiritually in the same way we experience the world around us using our five senses.

Can God, who is a mystery and whose ways are higher than ours, be known in such a concrete, tangible way? Here’s a better question: When was the last time I strove to know God in this way?

Tozer makes a good point. Perhaps we often relate to God as we relate to ideals, creeds, or theory. We think about Him and wish that we might understand Him. Instead, we should try to actually experience Him.

Three ways to experience God more clearly this week:
1.) Challenge yourself to view God as being as real as the physical world around you.
2.) Repeat this sentence aloud: “The spiritual is real.” (You can thank Tozer that insight.) The antithesis of real is not spiritual. The antithesis of real is imaginary. Start putting “spiritual” and “real” in the same sentence, or at least the same paragraph.
3.) Realize that the Kingdom is now. Spiritual life is happening today, not just saved for heaven. If you follow Christ, you are living a very real, spiritual life today.

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