Embracing Time Over Space

We have two choices in how we relate to the world around us: we can choose to embrace time or space. It’s an “either, or” moment by moment choice. Most of us choose (most often) to embrace space, which includes focusing on the acquisition of things and the accomplishment of lists. Embracing space is culturally reinforced through media and experience. When we choose to embrace space, we have something concrete and tangible to show for it.

Here’s the big truth: Embracing time is far more rewarding. Jesus was an All-Star at embracing time. He made the most of every relational moment and put far less emphasis on his space, laying his head wherever ministry took him. Jesus modeled concern for people over things, healing the hurting and binding up the brokenhearted.

When we follow Jesus’ example and embrace time, our relationships flourish. Keeping the Sabbath gives us a day to focus on the value of time (and time as a superior focus to space). We can build relationships with those we cherish, which is especially important as a kingdom-value.

Think about it: How are you embracing time and space in your life? Which do you value more highly? How can you refocus today to better embrace time in your personal life and relationships?

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