“Proud Mom” Moment

At Ashton’s elementary school, kids were encouraged to bring in loose change this week in an effort to support Japan. So, Ashton spoke of this opportunity several times, and wanted to participate. Last night at dinner, we told him that whatever he wanted to put in, he could, and it would be from his own piggy bank. We talked for a few minutes about the tragedy in Japan, and the devastating impact of the earthquake and tsunami, in terms we hoped were appropriate for a seven year old. And then we asked Ashton what he’d like to give.

“Uh, I think $20.” He stated it very matter-of-factly.

Ashton doesn’t receive any sort of “regular” allowance or income from us. He has been paid for a pet sitting job once, and on occasion we will pass along a few quarters. Sometimes his grandpa gives him loose change. He’s a saver; he never spends the money in his bank.

So, I replied (as I think most moms would), “Ashton, that is very kind. $20 is also a lot of money for you…remember, this is coming from your bank. Are you sure you’d like to give that amount? It feels like a lot to me.”

Ashton’s reply melted my heart. He said, “Well, mom, from what you just said, it seems to me like Japan needs a lot of money right now, so if that is a lot, I think that’s what I should give.”

Done. End of conversation. He actually carried in $21 dollars today, because this morning, he added 4 more quarters to the stack.

At times like these, I see why Jesus said we should become like little children. If we all had this sort of generosity and concern for others without thinking so much of ourselves, the world would truly be a different place. I’d like to be more like Ashton…he makes me very proud.

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1 Response to “Proud Mom” Moment

  1. Debbie Nichols says:

    All I can think to say is, “Woah”….hope I spelled that right, hard to tell since I’m typing through my tears…..he gets this from his mother (and I’m sure his dad)….

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