An Unexpected Sabbath

This past Sunday, I got an unexpected blessing. My oldest was home from church, sick with a stomach bug. I hated to miss fellowship and worship, and struggled with how to incorporate this component into my time at home with a sick little guy. “Church TV” just didn’t feel like a great option for me this time around.

I decided it would be cool to have a little special time with Ashton, reading aloud one of his favorite Bible stories. However, to change it up a bit, we skipped the children’s Bible that he has all but memorized, and I pulled out the real deal (well, not the original Hebrew and Greek, for my seminarian-friend-readers, but my trusty NIV.) I asked Ashton, who is 7 now, for his favorite story. The answer, of course, was “David and Goliath.”

For the next few minutes, I educated Ashton on the difference between his children’s Bible and my “grown-up” Bible. I showed him just how many words and pages my Bible had, and told him that the stories in the kid’s version of this book are basically the same, but not quite as detailed. Then, I proceeded to read Ashton the story of David and Goliath, as it is recorded in 1 Samuel 17. It’s not a short story, let me tell you. And parts of it are…well…pretty detailed and a bit hard core.

Ashton soaked the story up like a sponge. I read about how David hit Goliath with a stone, and how it sunk into his head. David stood over Goliath, we read, and cut off his head. I wondered…is this too detailed? Too hard core?

Right about that time, a grin crossed Ashton’s face. He said, “Mom, this is just like Star Wars!” We talked about how Star Wars isn’t really original at all…in fact, the Bible has way more action than any other book or story I can think of, and the difference is…this action really happened!

He loved hearing the story of David and Goliath afresh, and so did I. Something about reading it to Ashton caused me to hear it again, for the first time. Our time together that morning made for an unexpected, and quite refreshing, Sabbath.

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