A better story

God wrote a beautiful story for our lives that offers order and rhythm. To many of us, this story reads like a fairytale…it feels unattainable in the world today. For those who live in the story, there is a sense of tranquility and rest. They’d never go back to the other story.

This “better” story still entails work and the humdrum parts of life, but “doing” is contained primarily to six days a week. On the seventh day, every seventh day, there is rest; there is “being.” This rest is possible not because work is complete, but because God, in a grand gesture of grace, intended it to be so. Rest, then, becomes possible through the abundance of God.

As I researched the Sabbath last semester, there were common threads for those who practiced a lifestyle of Sabbath keeping:

1.) Those who kept the Sabbath seemed genuinely surprised by how it changed them on the other six days of the week.

2.) Those who honored the Sabbath seemed to be at peace with life, and have less regrets over the way they’ve lived. Many of the books I read were written by the elders of our faith who looked back over their Sundays with great satisfaction and lived their lives with more purpose than most people I know.

3.) Those who wrote about keeping the Sabbath (regardless of when or why they began) didn’t ever consider turning back to a seven-day workweek.

These three threads were central to my own decision to launch this experiment. If this sounds good to you, consider joining me: Six months for a new pattern of six days to work, one day to rest. Are you in?

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