One story: producing more and having it all

Whether or not we realize it, we are all living in stories. The stories are constructed by society, by our idealogy, by good marketers, and even by our friends. We’ve all picked a story, although for most of us, this is subconscious. Stories are powerful. The story you’ve picked defines much of what you do and who you are becoming.

Most people today live within a story that says, “More is better.” You can have it all if you work hard enough. The more you have, the more highly you are esteemed, because your worth is rooted in what you produce. A good day at the office, at home, or at school means you are, in fact, a meaningful and valuable participant in life. This story is largely about “self” at the center of life.

This story tells us that in the midst of producing, it is not acceptable to unplug. Temporarily disconnecting from the world of TV or technology may cause you to miss something, and missing things is never good. In fact, it is important not to miss anything. It is also important to do as much, or even more, than those around you, because according to this story, appearance is everything.

Connections in this story are weak, at best, and relationships suffer from a non-stop pace and the lack of time to pursue knowing others deeply. At face value, the story doesn’t sound attractive at all, does it? However, we are drawn further into this seemingly attractive epic of output and wealth, often unwittingly.

Because of the pervasiveness of this story, many wake up to find themselves deeply entrenched in it, but uncertain of exactly how they got there. If that is how you feel, keep reading this blog, and join me in the Sabbath Keeping experiment. There is, indeed, a far better story. Stay tuned…that is my next post.

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